Hands Off HRI Demo Saturday 6th October, Midday

Assemble: Market Cross, Market Pl, Huddersfield HD1 2EG


On Thursday 9th August, the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)and NHS Trust submitted their revised plans to the new Secretary of State about the future of HRI. Due to the pressure from our campaign, they have been forced to agree HRI should now stay open and they have abandoned plans for a second PFI which would have got us into more debt!
But the rest of the plans are a half baked reworking of the original business case. They claim to be maintaining two A & E’s but in reality,

· we will have a walk in centre in Huddersfield

· all emergencies will be redirected to Halifax

· all acute and emergency care will be dealt with at Halifax.

We are going back all the way to 2016 when they first proposed to close our A & E, but with some new concessions
The CCG/Trust has demonstrated they have little or no idea how to put together a plan which will meet our health needs, and have failed to take our views into account. This is wholly unacceptable. The Hands Off HRI campaign is now gearing up to stop their plans. Huddersfield is facing a health emergency, if it is robbed of critical health care at HRI. Already maternity services and respiratory care have moved to Calderdale with new rumours that the cancer ward 12 may soon be moving too.
However Hands Off HRI has proved that campaigning DOES work but the job is not yet finished. Next week, we will hear about the next stage of our Judicial Review but we know one thing, people power makes a difference and we will make the Trust listen to us. Campaign speakers at the Rally will include Thelma Walker MP, Richard Murgatroyd, Councillor as well as health professionals and campaigners from around the country

For more information, please contact

Cristina George 07747446005 Mike Forster 07887668740