Following an extraordinary, one item Agenda, Steering Meeting, held on Monday 13th August, it was decided that the campaign once again needs to touch base with the people of Huddersfield, to update them on the next steps of the campaign.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th September, 7pm at Brian Jackson House and will include speakers from other successful campaigns, as well as a legal update.

In addition, the Steering Committee felt that it was appropriate to once again hold a rally and a march in defence of our hospital and A & E.

This has been called for Saturday 6th October, 12 pm, at Market Cross, Huddersfield Town Centre (adjacent to NatWest Bank), more details to be announced in the coming weeks.

These are, of course, in reaction to the three submissions by Kirklees & Calderdale Trust, Calderdale Council and Kirklees Council.

Following the meeting, Chair, Mike Forster had this to say

“Last night’s Steering Committee discussed the latest proposal from the Trust and CCG. Whilst we no longer have PFI and they are keeping the hospital, we are being delivered a walk in centre with limited medical cover and all A & E provision will be at Calderdale. All acute and in patient services will also be at Calderdale. These proposals are unacceptable.
We need to get the message out there so we are producing 5,000 more postcards with a clear message ; we will be inviting politicians, Health professionals and the public to sign up to our detailed assessment of the proposals to send to the new secretary of state and finally two dates for your diary :
1) General Meeting of our campaign on Tuesday 25th September at 7pm
2) Our third Huddersfield demo on Saturday 6th October midday at Market Cross. More details to follow but please keep and publicise these dates.