Campaigners from the very successful community based Hands Off HRI group have been left somewhat stunned and angry about the unwarranted seizure of their campaign banners by Council employees which had been hung on street side railings in Slaithwaite and Marsden advertising their next big music event. However on 29th July, a sharp eyed shopkeeper saw the banners being taken down by the staff and posted the film on the campaign group’s face book page. All the nearby shops have been displaying posters for the event and were very angry to see the banners bundled into a council van and taken away. No explanation has been given to the Group.

Activists in the campaign soon found out from supportive workers who had taken the banners and tracked then down to the Council’s Flint St depot. The following day, they were recovered and the group has now been inundated by individuals, businesses and church groups offering to display the banners. The manager of the Depot has been approached asking for an explanation and an opportunity to re hang the banners around the town. There has been no response which has left the Group even more angry but pleased that the community’s support has allowed them to continue publicising their next event.
The organiser of the event, Audley Buckle, explained the background to the affair: ” For the last two years, we have held a very successful music event in Greenhead Park which has helped to finance our ongoing legal challenge. Unfortunately one of our main organisers has had to withdraw this year due to ill health so we have decided to reschedule the event to the Golcar British Legion Club, 238 Scar Lane, Golcar, Huddersfield HD7 4AU on Saturday 8th September. As part of the publicity drive we have spent £100 on 4 banners around the town as well as 2000 flyers. These are hard pressed funds which we can ill afford but we always recoup our investment due to huge public support. Imagine our dismay when we were told the Council had seized them. If one of our supporters had not spotted them , we would be none the wiser.
Surely you would expect the Council to contact us if they were doing this? Last year the Council voted unanimously to support our campaign. Is this how they now wish to express their support for our successful legal challenge to save our hospital? They have all our contact details but instead we have had to trail round to Flint St to get our banners but our emails and phone calls remain unanswered. There was even a suggestion of charging us a fee for storing the banners but this has now been resolved. Despite this, more people have come forward offering to display our banners which has given us confidence that the public still support us. We hope to hear from the Council soon but it has left a very bitter taste in the mouth.”

For those wishing to support the event, several local bands will be playing at the Golcar Club on Saturday 8th September from 3pm onwards, admission only four pounds

For more information, contact Audley Buckle 07799217345/ Mike Forster 07887668740