The 13th and 14th October saw the annual Marsden Jazz Festival.  This is the third year running that Hands Off HRI Upper Colne Valley local group have attended with a fundraising stall.

Our resilient campaigners endured a blustery, but warm Saturday and a very, very wet and Windy Sunday and managed to raise a handsome amount for the campaign fighting fund of £474.11 over the two days.

At the end of Day One, Kate Lowe reported

“Well despite the weather we managed a good day today at the Jazz Festival. I can’t quite remember the total today I know it was at least £360 (must have been the knock on the head when that flying lid hit me this morning when we were setting up) but Ian will give full totals tomorrow after event finished. Thanks everyone for your help today. Just hope gazebo still there in morning when we go back. It”s strapped down pretty well and we there is security keeping an eye on them.”

And Ian Staples advised on Sunday

“Hi just to let you all know we got
£90 65p from to days stall that is A total of £474 11p for the two days of the jazz festival.
Thank you to every one who helped and to the public for supporting us”

Our Thanks to everyone who prepared for the stall in any way, who manned the stall on the day and mostly to the people of Huddersfield whose ongoing support to this campaign is incredible!