Thelma Walker, MP for Colne Valley, has committed to join the protest called by Hands Off HRI which will form a human chain around the hospital in opposition to the Hospital Trust’s plans to close 3 wards and begin to centralise services at Calderdale District Hospital.  The proposals have been met with widespread anger despite assurances by the Trust these moves are only temporary.  Their argument that this will only last over Winter are clearly not believed by campaigners and the wider public.  Thelma has already voiced her concerns publicly and the campaign group, Hands Off HRI hope she will be joined by all politicians and community representatives who wish to see their hospital services maintained.  The Council’s Health and Scrutiny Committee meets on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at Huddersfield Town Hall at 11am and will be questioning the Trust’s proposals.  Hands Off HRI will be taking a deputation to the meeting to address councillors and appealing to them to veto these dangerous plans.  On the following day (Wednesday 15th December), Hands Off HRI will be back at the Town hall at 5.00pm to address the full council meeting demanding that councillors back their judicial review and support the December protest.

A spokesperson added: ” These are now very dangerous times.  The courts and the Secretary of State have yet to properly consider the Full Business Case and all its consequences.  For the first time, the Trust will have to seriously answer for its plans.  Throughout this sham of a consultation, the Trust has not listened and ploughed on regardless of huge opposition.  Now they have to account for their plans, they rush to start closures by stealth.  These plans are a disgrace and must be rejected.  We remain confident that when they appear in court, they will come unstuck.  So instead, they have decided to push through their plans by subterfuge, ignoring all proper consultation procedures.  We know that staff are upset and bewildered.  Existing patients are angry that their care will be compromised.  Not only are we looking to all politicians to step up to the plate, but we are demanding that the Trust immediately shelve their plans and follow due process.  We welcome Thelma Walker’s commitment to attend our protest.  We call on everyone to come down and join our peaceful ‘Hands Around the Hospital’ and hope that it will convince the Trust to stand down.”

Hands Off HRI will gather at Reinwood Playing Fields off New Hey Rd at 11.30am on Saturday 2nd December 2017 before walking over to the hospital to join hands in a united display of defiance.  All members of the public are invited to come along.

For further information contact

Cristina George  07747446005

Mike Forster 07887668740