Once again Upper Colne Valley Group held a stall at Marsden Cuckoo Day yesterday (21st April), staffed throughout the day by Ian and Ann Staples, Kate Lowe, Julie Roebuck ad Christine Martindale

We held our usual tombola stall, one for adults and one for children which always draws the crowds.  We also had for sale Bevans, Pencil Toppers, the new wristbands and our latest item home made cards.

Our stall always draws in lots of children hoping to win either a cone of sweets or one of our wrapped prizes. It was very busy indeed and we were rushed of our feet but we still managed to find time to chat to people about our forthcoming Judicial Review and where we were up to. We gave out posters and our newsletters. A few people asked where the money was going too and without exception all were happy that it was going towards the legal fight to save our hospital. There were some people that came from Oldham and we chatted with some from Barnsley too and they said it was just the same for them. Oldham A & E was getting busy because they had shut Rochdale and that a long way for them to now travel.   We went home very tired but also very pleased we had not only made a lot of money but managed to spread the news to more people about what was happening with our hospital.