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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  22nd November 2017
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Patient Safety and Welfare At Risk as Health Bosses Rush to Move or Close Wards at HRI

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The plans of HRI health bosses to ‘temporarily’ move health provision  by closing wards at HRI are massively compromising patient welfare and safety. The first of the wards to move is Ward 20 which was due to go up to Ward 21 which has now been emptied..    However this will mean a reduction of   beds as Ward 21 has 9 less beds.. Therefore as  things stand they cannot move these patients as there is not enough room.  The plans are supposed to go ahead on Thursday 23rd November without any clear plan as to how this could actually happen without causing huge difficulties for very ill patients.  If Ward 20 cannot be moved on time the timetable for all the other moves will inevitably grind to a halt.  Each ward has to be properly cleaned before the new occupants move in so any undue haste will lead to chronic problems.

It has also now emerged that the plans to move seriously ill patients from Ward 11 to Halifax on 3rd December will also compromise patient welfare.  One such patients’ granddaughter, Rebecca Furey has spoken out: ” We have been told that my grandmother is to be moved in less than 2 weeks.  She needs ventilation and oxygen and is too ill to be washed, never mind moved.  She is now seriously ill and I’m afraid she will not make the trip.  The worst case scenario is that she is taken ill in Calderdale and we do not get to her in time because of the horrific traffic problems on the bypass.  The Trust is creating a nightmare for families and their patients.”

Despite referring to case studies to justify their moves in their earlier business plan, the health chiefs are now creating their own case studies which are just as challenging.  A spokesperson commented:

” We presented evidence last week to councillors at the Health Scrutiny Committee that lives would be lost and patient welfare compromised if these moves went ahead.  Councillors were assured that these moves were designed to improve health outcomes yet the evidence is clearly otherwise.  It gives us absolutely no pleasure to see our worst fears now being realised.  We call on the Trust to immediately halt these moves and consider much safer options.  We cannot see these moves being only temporary, but represent the first steps towards fulfilling their pans to centralise services at Calderdale.”

Hands Off HRI are calling on everyone to show their opposition to these plans by joining the Hands Around the Hospital protest on Saturday 2nd December assembling at Reinwood Playing Fields at 11.30am before walking over to HRI to join hands around the hospital as a way of symbolically ‘protecting’ our hospital and its patients and staff.

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