Yesterday, members of the Hands Off HRI campaign came together to pay respects and show solidarity with campaigner Paul Randall, who passed away on the 29th October this year.

Paul was an ever-present on stalls for the campaign, until ill-health prevented him from attending, however he would always try his best to come down, if only to say hello and find out the latest on the campaign. He was very passionate of the campaign and always had a way of getting people to the stalls, many times using his walking stick to shepherd people towards the stall!! He had a dry sense of humour and will be remembered fondly by all that knew him. Hands Off HRI Chair, Mike Forster, gave a touching and fitting tribute to him during the funeral.

Kindly, Paul’s last wishes were for a collection to be made at the funeral, with the proceeds to be donated to the Hands Off HRI legal challenge, and his family, friends and fellow campaigners donated a total of £223.81, which is a kind and fitting offer from whom will be a very much missed campaigner.

Paul Antony Randall

27-9-1959 – 29-10-2017