Today the Dept of Health has issued a statement claiming to be putting £22 million into our A & E. This appears to be part of their original plan to transfer all acute and emergency care to Halifax. Below is our response, please share to avoid confusion.

Public Statement from Hands Off HRI re Dept Of Health Press Release

“Whilst the Dept of Health statement is not clear about future intentions, Hands Off HRI is demanding that the 2017 Final Business Case, which originally planned to close our A & E and HRI, is completely withdrawn. It is clearly now dead in the water.

If the ‘new’ allocation of £22 million is part of the hospital Trust’s furtive plan to transfer all acute and emergency treatment to Halifax, then it must be opposed. It is time for the Trust to come out into the open and be honest about its proposals. They must begin a full and open public consultation about the next steps for health provision in Huddersfield.

We certainly won’t be popping any champagne corks yet! Experience has taught us we just can’t trust this Trust to be straight with the people of Huddersfield and Halifax.”

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